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This page is dedicated to the R packages I have worked on over the years. Follow the links to the package you are interested in and get the information about installation and compatibilities.


ECPpaysage was developped as an aid for teaching spatial statistics and landscape ecology within the framework of the researcher school "Landscape and plant health: analyzing, understanding and modelling the environmental processes involved" set up by INRA metaprogram SMaCH. The main stake in the Researcher school will be to share concepts, methods and tools to allow, beyond one's discipline, to take up questions relative to landscape, in connection with the context and the reasons expected for the sustainability of agricultural systems. More information.
The package mainly provides dataset used during the course of the researcher school held at Rennes 18-22 january 2016.
The lecture on landscape analysis (J.-P. Rossi & C. Lavigne) is available here (in French).
The package ECPaysage is available form R-Forge at
Details about its installation and functions are available here (in French).


ggene is a package dedicated to the structural analysis of genetic datasets. This includes geostatistics and in particular variogram analysis.
This package is available from R-Forge.
Visit the package home page for details, examples, code and documentation.


rich is dedicated to the analysis of species richness.
The development version of rich is available from R-Forge.
The current stable version of rich is available from the R CRAN
Visit the package home page for details and documentation.


Rradis is an R package providing functions to process the outputs of RADIS, a software dedicated to the Analysis of RAD-seq data for InterSpecific phylogeny. More information to come soon.
RADIS is described in Cruaud et al (in press) and freely available from this site.
Cruaud, A., Gautier, M., Rossi, J.-P., Rasplus, J.-Y., Gouzy, J., 2016. RADIS: Analysis of RAD-seq data for InterSpecific phylogeny. Bioinformatics. DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btw352